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Compatible with iPad.

Want to have fun practicing math problems with THREE or FOUR addends?! Practice sums to 10... all Target Sums in this game range from 2 to 10.

The goal of the puzzle is to arrange the pieces so that the sum of each horizontal row equals the Target Sum. The current sum for each row is displayed on the far right side of each row in red until it matches the Target Sum... then, it turns green.

The catch is you can only slide one piece at a time to the empty square. And, only pieces adjacent to the open square can be moved. The final puzzle piece is displayed below the grid and must be dragged to its correct location as the last move. The last piece must be placed even if it is zero.

Adjust the range of Target Sums or play the Challenge mode where the Target Sum is NOT displayed. The TOP 15 Quickest Times are recorded in the app (not game center) when using that mode.

Want to play this on your phone? Then, check out the Sum It Climb bundle.

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