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Compatible with iPad.

Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts to 9 while moving your runner around the bases. Players set the facts to practice and the operation to use. Adjust the operation and facts to practice for each player separately.

Have a younger or older brother or sister? Are you a 4th grader helping a 1st grader at school? One of you play using addition sums to 5 and the other practice multiplication with factors 5-9. Select your practice problems within these parameters:
• Addition: Sums to 5; Sums 5 to 10; Sums 10 to 20; and, Sums 20 to 50
• Subtraction: Minuends to 5; Minuends 5 to 10; Minuends 10 to 20; and, Minuends 20 to 50
• Multiplication & Division are based on: Multiplication Factors 1 to 5; Factors 5 to 9; Factors 6 to 12; and, Factors 1 to 12

Hits are adjusted separately for each player based on the facts you are using in the game. For an added challenge, turn on the timer! The time adjusts from 1 to 5 seconds.

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