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Compatible with iPhone and iPad. iPhone version has reduced feature set.

Your job is to repeat the color/sound sequence that is shown. Tap the color circles to repeat the sequence. An item is added to the sequence each time you successfully repeat the sequence. There are two modes of play: "Game" and "Practice."

A Game always begins with a three-item sequence that is limited to the top row of colored dots. Your score is updated for each successful touch. As you continue adding to the sequence, the speed of the pattern played increases and more elements are added so that eventually you'll be using all 9 of the colored dots. Sequences will also include elements where a double-touch (touching two circles at once) is required. You'll earn a speed bonus when averaging .7 of a second or less per touch. Games continue until you make a mistake.

In Practice mode you control the settings and decide what to practice. You control the intial sequence length, number of colors used, the speed of the pattern as it is played for you, and whether or not to inlcude double touches as pattern elements. Tap the Settings button to make those adjustments. Mistakes in Practice mode aren't the end. You'll have a chance to repeat the same sequence and may do so as many times as you like.

In both modes you can set "Reverse Sequence" under the Settings menu. Then you are required to repeat the sequence backwards.

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