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Compatible with iPad.

Your job is to match the pattern displayed and complete as many as possible within the time limit.

Select from the five colors in the row along the bottom of the screen. Then tap in the correct grid location for each matching color in the pattern. After you complete a pattern, a new pattern will automatically be displayed.

Point totals are now adjusted with a ‘bonus’ based on the length of time the target pattern is displayed... the shorter the pattern is displayed, the higher the bonus. Adjust the time for the display of the target pattern from one tenth of a second to 2.5 seconds.

10 Hints are available where the full pattern is shown. Each time you use a Hint, the length of time the pattern is displayed is reduced and the penalty increases. The first Hint is shown for 1 second and reduces your score by 10 points.

Top 10 scores for each of the four Challenge Levels are automatically recorded in the app. Given that my target audience focuses on elementary students and schools, I’ve elected not to include Game Center as an option for recording scores.

Number Sense: Kindergarten and First Grade. The Fledgling level has been designed to work as a pattern recognition activity. The patterns are displayed in a 3x3, "domino-like" grid.

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