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Compatible with iPad.

Practice completing repeating patterns made with colors or shapes. Patterns are initially shown with five to eight elements completed. Complete the pattern by dragging the color or shape tiles from the bottom of the screen to the appropriate point on the pattern. You may complete the pattern in any order you want to.

Select from eight patterns or create your own pattern to complete with two to five elements.

As you tap a color or shape, the name is shown on the screen. Turn on the sound option to hear the name spoken. Feedback provided while dragging (with a white highlight) and for correct (green highlight), and incorrect (red highlight) placements.

Use the Options menu to: 1) select to use colors or shapes, 2) select from eight pre-made patterns or create your own, 3) select the number of elements in the pattern: 10, 13, or 17, and 4) whether to start the pattern at the far left or at random point.

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