Do you need to document the time you spend on specific activities? Are you a student in an internship? Are you an education major documenting your time in a field experience? Do you bill by the hour? Do you bill by the task? Answering 'yes' to any of those questions suggests you would find this app helpful.

SENDmyTIME is a simple and straightforward app designed to easily document the amount of time you spend working on a specific task. We initially designed this app just for our use 'in-house.' But, others have told us they would find it handy to have available, so, here we are. Even though the screen shots don't show it, the Status Bar is displayed when using the app.

Tap the BEGIN and END buttons to set the starting and ending times of the task/activity. The total time is computed for you.

You set an Email Address to send the information to, the Project Title, the Task Title, and include brief notes. Then tap SEND to email the information to your designated address. When you hit SEND, you're are taken to your email client. The Project Title and Task Title are placed in the subject line. Your notes, the start time, end time, and total time are all placed in the body of your message. You can easily add detail to your notes while in your email client.

Information entered in the Email Address and Project Title is saved when you quit the app. The other information is only saved while the app is in the background.

Given that we designed this app to be quick and easy, we went with dialog boxes to enter data rather than text fields. That's been very workable for us since we use the app as a "quick reminder while in process" rather than a detailed explanation of tasks. We've used the email client to include additional detail. We're looking ahead to the next version and considering adding an option to send a screen shot of the whole screen in your email. Please share your thoughts.

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